Catalogue for Come Together: Surviving Sandy, Year 1

Forthcoming Catalogue for the exhibition Come Together: Surviving Sandy, Year 1


This book documents an extraordinary exhibition that was mounted at Industry City, a large industrial complex on the western shore of New York Harbor, in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn, from October 17 to December 15, 2013. The reproductions consist mostly of installation photographs of works of art that were in the exhibition, along with photographs of the various events that took place while it was on view. Taken together, they are meant to evoke the breadth and energy of this historic event.


This monumental undertaking had its origins in a disaster of extraordinary proportions, the Atlantic storm named Sandy, which struck the northeastern United States in October 2012 and came to be known as "Superstorm Sandy." One of the most destructive storms in United States history, Sandy caused hundreds of lives to be lost, and resulted in property damage estimated at around $70 billion.


The full force of the storm hit New York City on the night of October 29. The timing and circumstances could not have been worse: the storm struck at high tide and during a full moon, which greatly magnified its effects. Surge levels in New York Harbor were almost fourteen feet higher than normal that night, and individual waves measured as high as thirty-two feet. In the wake of the storm, millions of people remained without electric power or were forced to leave their homes; major bridges and tunnels were closed; subways were flooded and railroads suspended service; and downtown hospitals had to evacuate their patients. Such conditions lasted for days in much of the city, and in some areas for weeks, even months; a number of neighborhoods are still recovering.


New York's artistic community was especially hard hit. Many artists had studios in low-lying areas in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens, which were flooded or lost power for extended periods of time. A number of art galleries and storage facilities were also damaged. In several instances, artists lost much of their life's work.


Like the exhibition itself, this catalogue commemorates the spirit of Coming Together that unified New York’s artistic community in the wake of the storm.


As a complement to the print catalogue, we invite you to revisit this extraordinary exhibition on a new website, which contains over a hundred essays on the artists of "Come Together: Surviving Sandy, Year 1," as well as new images of the works that were shown: