Dedalus Studios in Sunset Park

Dedalus Studios

Sunset Park


In 2013 the Dedalus Foundation acquired studio space through Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The large, private studios are available for one year to the winners or finalists of our annual MFA Fellowship. Four studios were used for the first year of this program, however, moving into the future there will be two studios available.


A current studio resident is one of the 2013 MFA Fellows, Danielle Orchard. The offer for the studio came at a time when she was completing her MFA at Hunter College and would therefore be losing the large space she was given by the school. With rents on the rise in New York, finding a comparable studio seemed unlikely. Between the $20,000 Fellowship and the opportunity of having access to a private studio space, Danielle was able to quit her job and focus solely on her artwork.


This time and space allowed Danielle to continue developing the same themes that she had begun to work on when she first applied for the Dedalus Fellowship. One can see in the images posted here of Danielle’s most recent work the same thematic lines of the expressive yet vulnerable qualities of the human body in confined spaces, often appearing alongside familial references. And yet her style has changed quite a bit with freer strokes and larger fields of nuanced color with a nod towards Fauvism.


The studio also provided Danielle a professional space for visits from other artists and curators. She found it a particularly important experience living and working solely as an artist. The studio and the Fellowship gave her the confidence of knowing that it is in fact possible to be a full-time artist in New York.


As her lease with Dedalus comes to a close, Danielle’s immediate plan is to stay in New York and she is particularly interested in being a part of the budding arts community in Sunset Park. She is engaged in talks for several upcoming group exhibitions and is awaiting response from residency programs with plans to continue her current work.