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Take a deep breath: A case study of authenticity in installation art

Co-sponsored by the Dedalus Foundation and NYU's Institute of Fine Arts, this presentation will explore the ethical limits of preserving authenticity in the exhibition of conceptual art and considerations of display. Lia Kramer will present her research followed by a conversation with Brian Castriota, Chrissie Iles, Julie Reiss, and Glenn Wharton to discuss the broader topic of preserving authenticity and what it means for conceptual art. 


Denniston Hill and the Dedalus Foundation present Butterfly's Mirror, a conversation between Itamar Mann, Carlos Motta, and Laura Raicovich to discuss Motta's Refugee Portraits in The Crossing, commissioned in 2017 by the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.  

The Afterlife of Sculptures: Posthumous Casts in Scholarship, the Market, and the Law

Posthumous casts made from an artist’s lifetime models represent a complex issue for art historians, museums, art foundations, auction houses, curators, collectors, conservators, art lawyers and the art market. The question of how to evaluate and write about these casts is also of vital importance for those working on catalogues raisonnés. The intent of this conference is to share different concerns and viewpoints as well as to come up with new ideas about how to exhibit, label and designate posthumous casts within an artist’s oeuvre. 


Panel on Professionalism

What does professionalism look like in the Teaching Artist field? How are the expectations of artists and arts-in-education organizations changing? Where do we see these changes and expectations heading?

Francis V. O'Connor Memorial Symposium

Co-sponsored by the Dedalus Foundation and the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center, a panel of distinguished scholars, colleagues and friends will gather to celebrate the life, achievements and legacy of Francis V. O'Connor, PhD., the foremost Pollock scholar, co-editor (with Eugene V. Thaw)...

Working Through Influence: A Conversation with Artist Angel Otero

Painter Angel Otero and critic-curator Christian Viveros-Fauné examine both the anxiety and advantages of influence in a freewheeling conversation that centers on Otero's relationship with various generations of artists as well as on the Puerto Rican painter's exhibition "Angel Otero: Elegies,"...