This Bibliography is based on the one in Robert Motherwell Paintings and Collages: A Catalogue Raisonné, 1941-1991. It is organized alphabetically, by author’s last name. Preceding each entry is an abbreviated form giving the author’s name and the year of publication, which identifies the abbreviated form in which the publication is referred to throughout the catalogue raisonné. When more than one text by the same author was published in the same year, a letter is added to differentiate the two entries.

Reviews of exhibitions direct the reader to the corresponding entry in the Exhibition History. Important essays from exhibition catalogues are listed here under the author’s name, rather than in the Exhibition History.

Publications that contain excerpts from Motherwell’s letters, interviews, and writings, are marked “includes artist’s statements.”

Incomplete references, based on magazine and newspaper clippings in the Dedalus Foundation Archives, are indicated as such.

This Selected Bibliography is meant to guide researchers to the most essential texts about (or by) Robert Motherwell. For a complete, searchable bibliography click the 'Complete Bibliography' box below.


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