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Painting & Collages

A Catalogue Raisonné 1941 – 1991
This monumental, three-volume catalogue raisonné documents 1,209 paintings on canvas and panel, 722 paintings on paper, and 889 collages, providing extensive information about each work. Exquisitely designed and produced, this catalogue serves as the definitive reference on Motherwell’s paintings and collages.
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A Catalogue Raisonné
This comprehensive two-volume catalogue raisonné documenting Motherwell’s 1,413 drawings was published by Yale University Press in November 2022. Thoroughly researched and beautifully produced, this highly anticipated catalogue raisonné serves as the definitive resource on Motherwell’s drawings.
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Prints & Editioned Works

Online Catalogue Raisonné
Catalogues raisonnés of Robert Motherwell’s prints were published in four, increasingly comprehensive editions between 1980 and 2003. View the catalogue of the complete editioned prints online.
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