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CR. 17 The Paris Review [poster]

The Paris Review [poster]


CR. 17 The Paris Review [poster]

screenprint on Beckett Cartridge paper
34 x 26 in. (86.4 x 66 cm)


Signed "RM" in pencil upper right


Numbered in pencil upper right




AP (unrecorded)


The Paris Review, Flushing, New York


Chiron Press, New York

Production Sequence

3 colors printed in 3 runs from 3 screens: 1. blue – screen; 2. brown – screen; 3. black – screen


B Appendix 9


Produced as a fundraiser, this editioned poster was based on a collage from 1964 titled The America Cup, which contained a label with the inscription "12 Meters," taken from a roll of canvas in the artist's studio. Motherwell replaced the inscription with "The Paris Review" on the poster. It was the first of several graphics Motherwell contributed to support the magazine.

The poster was printed in a format larger than the original. The collage element in the original, which looks like a sail, was white paper cut to resemble a torn sheet and adhered to a base sheet printed in blue.


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