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Print308 17 Iso

El Negro: Gypsy Curse


Print308 17 Iso

lithograph and chine appliqué
15 x 15 in. (38.1 x 38.1 cm)


White Tyler Graphics Ltd., (TGL) handmade paper; red Moriki handmade paper

Production Sequence

2 colors (including 1 colored paper) printed in 2 steps from 1 aluminum plate: 1. Moriki paper adhered to TGL paper (chine appliqué); 2. black – plate


B 286; TGL 435 RM54


This is the seventeenth image in the book. The fourteenth stanza of the poem is lithographed on the facing page. This is one of seven images from the book that were published separately in signed and numbered editions, flat and without the poetry (see cat. no. 314). See also general entry for El Negro (cat. nos. 308.1-.21).


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