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CR. 492 Elegy Sketch, State I

Elegy Sketch, State I


CR. 492 Elegy Sketch, State I

37 x 51 1/2 in. (94 x 130.8 cm)


Signed “RM” in pencil lower right


Inscribed “BAT” in pencil lower right; workshop chop mark lower right; workshop number “RM86-847” in pencil reverse lower left






Tyler Graphics Ltd., Mount Kisco, New York


Roger Campbell and Lee Funderburg, Tyler Graphics Ltd.


Prep work for continuous-tone lithography by Kenneth Tyler; plate preparation by Funderburg; proofing by Campbell and Funderburg

Production Sequence

2 colors printed in 2 runs from 2 aluminum plates: 1. red-ochre – plate; 2. gray – plate


First cataloguing


Motherwell decided to augment Elegy Sketch of 1987 (cat. no. 382) by adding a background color to the red-ochre linear composition. He hand-painted several unsigned impressions, the original work proof, and the first edition proof of Elegy Sketch and chose a gray background for State I. Before the final color was chosen, several alternatives were printed, including red, but only the gray impression was signed. Motherwell intended to have Tyler Graphcis reprint the remaining unsigned impressions of Elegy Sketch, which had been set aside in 1987, with this new background color as a separate version of the image. Work on this project was incomplete when Motherwell died in 1991), and the edition was never printed. The bon á tirer impression was donated to the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

See also Comments for cat. no. 382.


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