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Print62 Iso

Mezzotint in Indigo


Print62 Iso

mezzotint on Auvergne à la Main Richard de Bas handmade paper
20 x 16 in. (50.8 x 40.6 cm)
plate size: 8 7/8 x 6 in. (23 x 15 cm)


Signed "Motherwell" in pencil lower right


Numbered in pencil lower left; workshop chop mark lower left




2 AP
4 HC, numbered 1-4
1 PP
other proofs (unrecorded)


Universal Limited Art Editions, West Islip, New York


Donn Steward, Universal Limited Art Editions

Production Sequence

1 color printed in 1 run from 1 copper plate: indigo – plate


B 34; ULAE 5


Though the process is essentially out of use today, mezzotint was employed by Motherwell in two editions made with Donn Steward at ULAE in the course of their work on A la pintura. Steward demonstrated the process to Motherwell, who created the plate for this edition himself. Because of the arduous nature of the technique, Motherwell chose aquatint in future editions to achieve a similar surface tone.

The color of the hors commerce impressions differs slightly from the edition proofs. Several impressions were inscribed "mezzotint proof."

See also cat. no. 63.


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