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An exhibition postcard featuring images of food with the text "Sidewalk Empire Sunset Select / Work by Dedalus Foundation MFA Fellows Cecily Culver & Isla Hansen"

The Dedalus Foundation Master of Fine Arts Fellowship in Painting and Sculpture is awarded annually to final-year students who are graduating from an M.F.A. degree program in the United States. Each fellowship this year carried a cash stipend and the use of free studio space for the fellowship year. The Foundation is pleased to present these works by Cecily Culver & Isla Hansen who have just completed their residencies.

Cecily Culver

Culver’s recent works are part of an ongoing exploration into the agentive role of the overlooked minutia of the everyday and also the impossibility of grasping the experience of a non-human thing. These foreign entities persist with or without an audience and actively shape not only our reality but, ecology and yet recede from our full comprehension.

Isla Hansen

Simultaneously reverential to and subversive of the capital symbol represented by the mass-produced toy powered car, the projects exhibited on the site range from aesthetic alterations and re-gendering of the toy to complex electronic rearrangements that include power increases, LED installation, and the addition of remote controls. The nature of the dialogue that surrounds these souped coupes manifests relationships between parents and their children, the role the internet plays in the creation of culture, and perhaps even the place art holds in the middle-class household. Who do these cars tell us more about – the kids who bring them to life with play, the dads who are altering them to go faster and faster, or the American industries behind technological toys big and small?