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Getsy Promo 11.14

The Dedalus Foundation and Artists Space presented a lecture by David J. Getsy on his book Queer Behavior: Scott Burton and Performance Art, which received the Dedalus Foundation’s 2023 Robert Motherwell Book Award.

Before Scott Burton (1939-1989) came to prominence as a sculptor and public artist in the 1980s, he spent a decade as a performance artist. In this lecture, David Getsy will discuss the range of Burton’s performance art in the 1970s, and chart the ways in which queer experiences of public space fueled the artist’s experimentation with performance, body language, and cruising – and with sculptures that performed as furniture so they could hide in plain sight. This was a practice that began with Burton’s first one-person exhibition at Artists Space in 1975.

The evening opened with a brief talk by artist sair goetz, the winner of a 2017 Dedalus Foundation MFA Fellowship in Painting & Sculpture.

David Getsy on “Queer Behavior: Scott Burton and Performance Art”