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A piece of paper with a cartoonish drawing of a head getting pierced through labeled "self portrait (man hit by the 21st century)"

Online catalogues raisonnés are still a fairly new publishing model. They excite both users and scholars as they allow for instant updates, reach a worldwide audience, and offer a wealth of search functionalities and hyper-links that printed books cannot provide. But they also come with their own challenges. The matter of longevity and preservation is one of them. Will our online projects still be accessible for future generations when current programming languages have become obsolete? Who will be their custodians? What solutions are available for preserving online publications? Are there best practices for preparing a future-proof online catalogue raisonné?

This panel brings together a group of experienced professionals who will share their views on electronic scholarly publishing and its future.

Overview by Andrea Theil, Director, Roy Lichtenstein Catalogue Raisonné Project


Greg Albers, Digital Publications Manager at J. Paul Getty Trust
Stephen Bury, Andrew W. Mellon Chief Librarian, Frick Art Reference Library

Preparing for Tomorrow – But How? The Future of Online Catalogues Raisonnés