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Vanda Krefft headshot

Vanda Krefft has been awarded The Dedalus Foundation’s 2011 Senior Fellowship for her book project Lone Master of the Movies.

This book is the first comprehensive biography of William Fox (1879-1952), the dynamic and influential founder of 20th Century Fox. William Fox’s contributions to the art, technology and business of film are chronicled through his epic rise to power and tragic descent into obscurity. By locating this trajectory in the complex tapestry of early twentieth century social, political, and economic history, Lone Master of the Movies endeavors to restore Fox to rightful cultural prominence and to examine his role in shaping the motion picture medium as a modernist art form.

Vanda Krefft is a journalist based in California who has written extensively on numerous aspects of the film industry. She received her Master’s degree in Communication, and Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Pennsylvania.