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Print32 Iso

Summertime in Italy (with Blue)


Print32 Iso

lithograph on Arches Cover paper
30 x 22 1/4 in. (76.2 x 56.5 cm)


Signed "Motherwell" in pencil lower right


Numbered in pencil lower right; printer's chop mark lower right




AP (unrecorded)
PP (unrecorded)
TP ( unrecorded)


Hollander Workshop, New York


Irwin Hollander, Hollander Workshop

Production Sequence

1 color printed in 1 run from 1 zinc plate: blue – plate


B 24


The textured blue background of this image was achieved using French transfer paper, a thin, transparent material coated with gum solution. Motherwell used liquid tusche as a drawing medium. Unlike a print made by drawing directly on a plate, the image does not get reversed in the transfer. Through this technique devised by Hollander, which masks the image out of the background, Motherwell developed a hollowed-out version of the Summertime in Italy image.

Some artist's and trial proof impressions were printed on buff-colored paper.

See also comments for cat. no. 31.


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