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CR. 520 Burning Elegy

Burning Elegy


CR. 520 Burning Elegy

lithograph on white Tyler Graphics Ltd. (TGL) handmade paper with hand coloring
52 1/2 x 63 1/4 in. (133.4 x 160.7 cm)


Signed "RM" in pencil lower left


Numbered in pencil lower left; workshop chop mark lower right; workshop number "RM90-1033" in pencil reverse lower left




1 archive proof
12 AP, numbered 1/12-12/12
1 CP
1 presentation proof
2 PP
6 TP, numbered I-VI


Tyler Graphics Ltd., Mount Kisco, New York


Kevin Falco, assisted by Lee Funderburg; and John Hutcheson, assisted by John Fulton and Eric Ting, Tyler Graphics Ltd.


Papermaking by Tom Strianese, assisted by Paul Imboden, Jed Marshall, and Brian Maxwell; image stencils hand-cut by Strianese; prep work for continuous-tone lithography by Kenneth Tyler; plate preparation, processing, and proofing by Falco and Hutcheson, assisted by Funderburg and Ting; hand coloring by Falco, Michael Mueller, and Ting

Production Sequence

13 colors (including 4 pulp colors and 4 dye colors) printed in 6 steps from 4 aluminum plates: 1. TGL paper hand-colored using orange, orange-yellow, light pink, and black pulps and light yellow, medium yellow, light orange-yellow, and orange-yellow dyes applied to a white pulp base sheet; 2. yellow – plate; 3. black – plate; 4. transparent yellow – plate; 5. black – plate; 6. hand coloring with black acrylic paint




The composition of Burning Elegy is related to a series of small acrylic paintings Motherwell executed in 1971 titled Spanish Elegy with Orange. The paintings incorporate cadmium orange as an accenting tone.

Several impressions are stamped with the workshop number "RM88-1033."


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