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We created the Fund for Past Fellows and Awardees to lend targeted, ongoing support to our outstanding past awardees, who continue to pursue ambitious artistic or art historical projects within their respective fields.



In its inaugural year, the award was granted to thirty-three individuals who received prior awards from the Dedalus Foundation to support a variety of projects, including first solo exhibitions, the creation of new bodies of works, scholarly research, and a public art initiative. The recipients include Michael Ambron , Debra Balken, Suzanne Blier, Bethany Bonfiglio, Katarina Burin, Darien Fernandez, sair goetz, Santino Gonzales, Jezabeth Roca Gonzalez, Suzanne Hudson, Kian McKeown, Wendy Lesser, Jessica Lin, Kelley-Ann Lindo, Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik, Abigail McEwen, John Orth, Chanon (Kenji) Praepipatmongkol, Rachel Ritchford, Lynette Roth, Gary Shapiro, Susan Sidlauskas, Irene V. Small, Valentina Soto, Joelsy Streatfield, Hiromi Stringer, Adrian Sudhalter, Alina Tenser, Lumin Wakoa, Lauren S. Weingarden, Charisse Weston, Andrew Norman Wilson, and Hong Chun Zhang.
We invite you to explore the 2022 recipients below.
2012 Ambron Michael 00 Copy
2002 Balken DebraBricker 00 copy
2020 Blier Suzanne 00final2
HSS Bonfiglio Bethany 00 copy
2002 Burin Katarina 00 copy
HSS Fernandez Darien 00 Copy
2017 goetz sair 00 copy
2020 Gonzales Santino 00 copy
2020 Gonzalez Jezabeth 00 Copy
2015 Hudson Suzanne 00 copy
HSS Mckeown Kian 00 Copy
2008 Lesser Wendy 00 Copy
2020 Lin JessiAli 00 copy2
2021 Lindo KelleyAnn 00 Copy
2018 LoeppkyKolesnik Jordan 00 Copy
2013 McEwan Abigail 02 copy
2018 Praepipatmongkol Chanon 00 Copy
2005 Roth Lynette 00 Copy
2000 Shapiro Gary 00 Copy
2010 Sidlauskas Susan 00 Copy
2007 Small Irene 00 Copy
2020 Soto Valentina 00 Copy
2019 Stringer Hiromi 00final
2012 Sudhalter Adrian 00 Copy
2012 Tenser Alina 00 Copy
2010 wakoa lumin 00final
2001 Weingarden Lauren 00 Copy
2019 Weston Charisse 00 Copy
Artist Andrew Norman Wilson poses for a portrait on The Queen Mary ship in Long Beach, CA on December 7, 2016. Mr. Wilson is currently living on the ship and using it as his live/work space.

Photo by Emily Berl
2004 Zhang Hong 00final
Weston Charisse 1 Copy

held, I invert, I lift (nothing if not the moment dark space collisions itself), 2022. Photographic decal on glass, lead etched within its enfoldment. 34×20.5×13″

Charisse Weston

“This project, to be presented at the Queens Museum from October 2022-February 2023, is my first solo museum exhibition. Spread across two galleries, the exhibition includes a site-specific installation as well as a series of new sculptures in glass that explore the ways in which Black motifs of inversion, stall and delay, and enfoldment can tactically resist protocols of white supremacy. Using the complicated spatial and political history of the 1964-65 World’s Fair and Flushing Meadows Corona Park as its backdrop, the exhibition considers the ways in which architecture acts as a spatial and social modifier upon which fantasies of futurity, freedom, and intimacy are realized.” – Charisse Weston

Charisse Pearlina Weston: of [a] tomorrow: lighter than air, stronger than whiskey, cheaper than dust is on view now at Queens Museum.

Santino Gonzales

“The ability to perform this project and others live with the help of this grant, would allow us the opportunity to lift up the often overlooked artistic voices within the local Mission district, and introduce more people to the amazing legacy of Mission Muralistas.”

Abigail McEwan

“This award would spark campus- and community-wide conversations about public art and set up applications for larger grants that would support longer- term funding and scholarship of public art in greater College Park.”

Earthminer McKeown Kian

Kian McKeown, Spyhole, 2021

Kian McKeown

I am currently making work that will be included in my first solo show at Fragment gallery in the Spring. The exhibition will be entitled Earthminer and will include sculptural, drawing, and installation works that I have been making since last year.”

Explore images from Earthminer, which was on view at Fragment Gallery in March 2022.

Kenji Praepipatmongkol

“My first visit to Suan Mokh in December 2018 was facilitated by the 2018-19 Dedalus Foundation Dissertation Fellowship, as part of, then, an inquiry into histories of abstract art in Thailand and the Philippines … As an independent scholar, I would greatly benefit from this grant from the Dedalus Foundation to be able to complete research and writing for this project.”

Stringer Hiromi Exhibition

Hiromi Stringer, The Time Traveler Umeyama’s Drawing: Preliminary Drawing for Five Mokkenshu, 2016, Sumi ink and gouache on oriental paper, 22 x 40 inches

Hiromi Stringer

The upcoming show is a reflection of my three-month artist in residency at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany, that I was awarded in 2019. I am showing new works of a continuing body of work entitled, the Umeyama Time Teleportation Museum (UTTM). UTTM is an imaginary museum that focuses on the historical time-traveler from the Japan of 170 years ago, Shoei Umeyama … I would like to show his (my) works as if the creations are organized as a traveling exhibition and loaned to the Bluestar gallery space.”

Hiromi Stringer opens March 3, 2023 at the Bluestar Contemporary Museum

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