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Santino Gonzales headshot

Santino Gonzales (California College of the Arts) is a recipient of the 2020 Master of Fine Arts Fellowship in Painting & Sculpture.

Santino Gonzales is an artist from New Mexico who explores the relationships between Ufology, radio, and adobe to investigate broader cultural attitudes regarding the fear of alienation and the desire for connection. He builds artworks across media that seek to function as beacons, broadcasting expansive definitions of borders and of the alien.

The culture and landscape of New Mexico’s high desert greatly inform Mr. Gonzales’s work, such as A Monument to Static, Evening Star, and Orion in Spring. This area is noted for ancient adobe structures as well as powerful radio telescopes that scan the skies for possible UFO transmissions. The geopolitics of the state’s shared border with Mexico shapes both the lives of its people and the landscape they live in. For Mr. Gonzales, “these overlaps between ancient and contemporary technologies, earthbound aliens, and extra-terrestrial aliens amplify the ways in which experiences of desperation and hope exist alongside fears of The Other and desires to reach the unknown.”