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Jezabeth Gonzalez headshot

Jezabeth Gonzalez (University of South Florida) is a recipient of the 2020 Master of Fine Arts Fellowship in Painting & Sculpture.

Jezabeth Gonzalez employs their practice to address the navigation of lands— specifically the fraught relationship between their homeland of Puerto Rico and the United States mainland—and the broader legacy of colonialism in the Caribbean. Using their hometown of Añasco, PR and personal migration, their work draws upon the relationships between communal ties, history, family, and the politics of place.

In their multi-media installation Bo. Espino (Barrio Espino), Jezabeth pairs video projectors with objects that are positioned to obscure the projected images. This work includes live plantain plants that were brought from Puerto Rico and potted in containers in order to prevent them from touching the soil of the mainland, along with stacks of terrazzo floor tiles made to match those of their home in Puerto Rico.