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2022 Fall PapSouleye 00

Pap Souleye Fall (Yale University) is a recipient of the 2022 Master of Fine Arts Fellowship in Painting & Sculpture.

Pap Souleye Fall is a Senegalese-American artist who explores the transmedia potentials of sculpture, installation, performance, cosplay, digital media, and comics. Much of his work reflects his growing up with conflicting identities: feeling too American for Senegal and too Senegalese for America. Being of two worlds, Fall realized that through art he had the ability to construct his own worlds. As such, he became fascinated with the ways art could be imbedded in everyday life, activating common materials and encounters to explore themes such as diaspora, post-apocalypse, post-colonialism, identity, notions of masculinity, Africanisms, and Afro-futurism.

As a child, Fall grew up watching classic anime and reading mangas. The influence of these, as well as his love of storytelling and visual art, inspired him to create the African manga OBLIVION ROUGE, which he describes as being set in a neocolonial nightmare. OBLIVION ROUGE is available online, and in print through Quarto Books.