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Danielle Orchard headshot

Danielle Orchard (Hunter College, CUNY) is a recipient of the 2013 Master of Fine Arts Fellowship in Painting & Sculpture.

Ms. Orchard was raised in a small home in Indiana with five siblings. She attributes her upbringing for her fascination with domestic relationships in close quarters, and the inherent vulnerability of the human body. Of special interest to the artist are representations of the female body depicted in canonical artworks. She explains: “The commonplace gestures, incidents, and art historical references I choose to work with share a marked resistance to immediate classification, and an interest in rearranging, inflating, and perverting them is at the heart of my work.”

These influences are evident in Ms. Orchard’s painting, Slumber Party Scene (After Les Demoiselles d’Avignon). Here, the artist re-contextualizes Picasso’s famous depiction of women in a brothel, by instead placing them in an exclusively female environment, a slumber party.