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Luis Emilio Romero headshot

Luis Emilio Romero (Hunter College, City University of New York) is a recipient of the 2023 Master of Fine Arts Fellowship in Painting & Sculpture.

Luis Emilio Romero is a Guatemalan artist based in New York. Luis engages with his indigenous Guatemalan ancestral roots by employing a meditative painting process. The history and ritual of indigenous weaving techniques add a complex spiritual and peaceful implication to his paintings. His process stems from studies on paper that evolve into abstract paintings that combine an array of delicate lines to explore rhythm and harmony, along with a highly considered palette. The laborious nature of his work ensures a tactile surface, which is further revealed when viewed in person. Interactions between the painted surface and light illuminate the physicality and movement of his compositions, highlighting lively and melodious structures of color, texture, and directional lines.

His most recent series, El Cuerpo Armónico, The Harmonic Body, depicts structural auras of light. The luminescent light of the tactile surface awakens an illusory perceptual warmth within the structural body, a spirit of color combinations repeating to produce an intimate mindful process.