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2022 Abubaker Hala 00

Hala Abubaker (Ohio University) is a recipient of the 2022 Master of Fine Arts Fellowship in Painting & Sculpture.

Hala Abubaker is an Arab artist born in Jordan, of Palestinian descent. Her work encompasses a broad range of mediums and imagery. It includes sculptures in which she uses her body to form casts covered with Levantine-Arab fabrics and hard resin exteriors, and large-scale interactive installations, as well as video, photography, and sound sculptures. Through these diverse media she investigates the underlying structures that shape cultural identity and ideology. Her upbringing as an Arab woman, observing the turmoil that ravaged her region, engendered her need to understand the underlying structures that construct the concepts of the Self and Other in society.

The focal point of her current practice is the deconstruction of binary systems contained within the Self and the Other. Abubaker creates objects where contrast is apparent, where extreme positions between the Self and the Other can intersect to produce a whole, challenging dogmas and ideologies that divide global societies, such as post-colonialism vs. traditional ideals, geopolitical and religious polarization, and inherited systemic oppression.