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2021 Miller Shantel 00

Shantel Miller (Boston University) is a recipient of the 2021 Master of Fine Arts Fellowship in Painting & Sculpture.

Shantel Miller is a Jamaican-Canadian artist who employs personal narrative as a departure point for exploring social constructs of race, gender, religion, and sexuality. Her interdisciplinary practice is rooted in active listening, intuition, and research and takes the form of painting, drawing, and printmaking. She makes visible diverse narratives of Black female subjectivity and offers alternatives to reductive modes of storytelling that depict Black experiences as singular.

Miller’s figurative paintings refer to lived and imagined experiences that often situate the body in moments of vulnerability and introspection. As part of her creative process, she uses collage to evoke relationships of tension and intimacy, and to depict uncommon imagery with alternating perspectives and high contrast color relationships. In her art, Miller negotiates the notions of a public and private self, and represents the interconnectedness and unyielding grace of the human condition.